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Professional Diplomas (C, D, DE)
Butlas Achilleas Driving School - Larissa

The "Boutlas Achilleas" Driving School, based in Larissa, offers specialized professional driver's license programs for trucks, buses and delivery trucks. As part of our training, we aim to provide a high level of education and training, which focuses on the safe and professional driving of these vehicles.

Our instructors are experienced and specialized in truck, bus and lorry driving. With up-to-date knowledge and techniques, they lead our students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful career in the field of professional driving.

The training programs include both theoretical and practical training, covering a wide range of topics such as legal regulations, technical and safe driving, vehicle maintenance procedures, and responding to special weather conditions and emergency situations.




  At "Boutlas Achilleas" Driving School, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and specialized educational experience that allows our students to acquire the skills and experience required for a successful and safe driving career in the professional field.