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Butlas Achilleas Driving School
Car Licenses - Licenses of All Categories - Revisions - Processing
- Special Taxi Licenses - Certificate of Professional Ability for Trucks - Buses - Larissa


The "Boutlas Achilleas" Driving School, based in Larissa, is emerging as a center of excellence in driver training, offering extensive practical courses to existing driving license holders. With an experience of almost 25 years since 2000, our school stands out for its specialized training and the contact we maintain with each student.

School Services:

  • Practical Courses for Every License Category: Regardless of the driving license category (A, B, C, D, DE), we provide specialized practical training courses.
  • Revisions and Processing: We help our students with the revisions and processing of their diplomas.
  • Special Taxi Licenses: We offer comprehensive training and expertise in obtaining special taxi licenses.
  • Certificate of Professional Competence: Specialized preparation courses for professional drivers of trucks, buses and vans.

Our goals:

  • Thorough Training: We aim at thorough training of prospective drivers, both in the theoretical and practical aspects of driving.
  • Understanding of the Road Traffic Code (KOK): We aim at the correct understanding and application of the KOK by our students.
  • Driving Test Success: We place an emphasis on preparing our students to pass the driving test.

Target Customers:

  • Individuals and Professionals: We address both individuals for the provision of amateur diplomas and professionals with the right training for professional diplomas.
  • Desire to Drive Professionally: We address those who wish to become professional drivers of trucks, buses and delivery trucks.
  • Service Area: We serve the entire prefecture of Larissa and Central Greece in general.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to make an appointment for your registration. At "Boutlas Achilleas" Driving School, your success is our success!

Because driving is more than just a license. It is education that makes the difference.